I use two kits, one for the student and one for me. This is great for teaching and saves a lot of getting up and down time. We play side by side facing the same direction. This promotes better communication and enables demonstrations to be easily imitated. We do not face a wall, but rather play out to the room as in a gig or performance.

Lessons are one to one and incorporate all aspects of drum practice and performance:

• Time-keeping / playing with a metronome
• Counting / note value subdivisions
• Rhythmic comprehension
• Drum notation
• Independence / 4-way limb coordination
• Technique
• Musicianship / Expression / Creativity
• Touch / Tone / Quality of sound
• Rudiments
• Playing with a band

Hearing protection provided and music can be slowed down to learn songs at a relaxed tempo.

Preparation for examinations, as well as recreation and fun – I cater for all ages, styles, abilities and needs.

Rockschool (RSL) and Trinity Rock & Pop (Trinity College London) used for graded examinations.

Taster lessons available: 30 minutes for £15.

Quick Overview

Professional drummer for 26 years

 Taught In schools throughout
Northern Ireland

Graded examinations


A Level preparations

University auditions

Hobby, leisure, recreation & fun

Low volume acoustic drums & cymbals / total hearing protection

Two kits, side by side drumming / great for teaching, saves time

Learn music at a relaxed, slow down tempo

Clean, comfortable studio

Catering for all ages, styles, abilities & needs