I’m Kasey Peters and I teach drum kit lessons in Belfast.

I’m originally from Los Angeles and have played drums professionally for 26 years. After graduating university in New York, I moved to Belfast where I taught drums in schools throughout Northern Ireland for 12 years. I now liaise with schools via my teaching studio in an affiliated capacity.

I’ve hung up my gigging sticks to focus solely on teaching, bringing a wealth of experience from my time as a professional musician. I love teaching and have established a dedicated teaching studio at commercial premises in Belfast.

I bring an American sensibility with me – a strong knowledge of musical styles, players, and the history of the drum set, originating from the United States. You could say it’s in my blood! I’ve written published articles for drum magazines and have a regular personal drum blog – incorporating my love of literature and musical theatre.

Some say that we ‘hit’ the drums. I believe the drums are a musical instrument to be ‘played’ like all others. We don’t hit violins or tubas. My aspiration is to take the study of the drum kit to the level of an art form.

My father was a jazz drummer and growing up, I thought everyone had a drum kit in their house — like a piece of furniture. Now I’m making it my business to see that happen!

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